Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010
Gave a True West talk last night down at Brookdale in Paradise Valley. It's an assisted living, retirement complex, very nice. Had dinner in the dining room with my host Phyllis Allen and five of her friends. Very good food, had the halibut. At 6:30 I spoke to about 30 people in the main living room. To some extent I felt like I am looking at my future (a few older guys drooling, nodding off and talking to themselves and I already do two of those) and to some extent I felt like I'm preaching to the choir (they all read newspapers and nod vigorously when I say we need to protect our heritage). The women were all dolled up and quite courteous, nodding and laughing at all the appropriate places. Handed out free True Wests, took questions and thanked them profusely for a very nice time.

No pay, just good karma.

Speaking of karma (in this case evaporating karma), an air conditioning tech came out to our house yesterday and said we need a new evap cooler on the house‚ $6,500. Told him no way. The repairs to the old one (and the one on the studio) cost me $550, so that made me hot. Ha.

Narrative Imperative
Woke up this morning rather discouraged (although the house was cooler, see above). Went out to the kitchen table and sketched out my angst:

Notice that I drew myself right-handed. Ha. I hate when I can't even get my own representation correct. Plus, Mark Boardman emailed me and said I am spelling Gail Cooper's name wrong, it's actually Gale, and she's a doctor not a ms.

So, that was irritating. I actually knew both facts, but, well, did I mention I'm irritated. Went on a walk with Peaches and saw my least favorite neighbor. We waved, but mentally I flipped him the bird.

Came back and decided I needed to attack the very things I am the weakest on, probably the main one being P.O.V. (point of view drawings). Did a page:

That kind of cheered me up. Went into the office and Bob Brink told me he hates the cover (issue goes out today). Had a discussion with him and Trish Brink about it. Decided it's too late to change it.

Leaving in the morning for an artist's tour of Butch Cassidy country. Ed Mell and I are driving up to Escalante, Utah to meet Gary Ernest Smith and do some plein air painting for three days.

"Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential."

—Winston Churchill

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