Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28, 2010
A wonderful full moon last night. My neighbor, Tom Augherton, drove into my driveway and pounded on my door: "Come out! You gotta see this!" The red tinted full moon was a dilly. Unfortunately, I fried my camera crossing a stream in Utah last week and I thought it would dry out, but it's gone for good, so I can't share it with you.

Got up early today and bailed into a batch of moon glow studies. Did 14. Got some good ones:

The glowing white spots are happy accidents. Need to go in and add the Billy skeleton, like this:

Not happy with the calliope forearm, but it's got some nice elements going. Mark Boardman opens his excellent piece on the Billy dig with a full moon and this art is for the splash pages, the opening doubletruck. Got a couple more going as well:

Want to have a bunch of silhouetted people along the bottom reaching up for Billy, but he's just out of reach. Although it's not a moonlit scene, I kind of like this one the best so far:

Now THAT is Kid Krazy! Almost Joker Crazy, but still, the Kid is taunting us (don't tell anyone but his right hand is flipping the bird). Now if I can put a long line of small people along the bottom with their arms out reaching and grabbing for the legend, I think we'll have something.

Sent this down to Dan so he can start the layout. May do the reaching midgets in scratchboard.

"Isn't it better to spend a lifetime being second rate at what you're passionate about, what you love, than be first rate without a soul?"
—Dustin Hoffman, describing the failure of Ishtar

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