Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010
Our July issue is going out the door to our printer in Kansas City even as you read this. We had a half page fall out at the last minute, so we scrambled and put together a short stand alone feature "What Would Billy Say?" and used Fred Nolan's witty interview of the dug up Kid (which ran here on a post last week). We used my Billy skeleton interview image to illustrate it (seen here before finished):

Getting packed to head up to Utah for a tour of the Wild Bunch area known as Robber's Roost. Here is a map of the area in southeastern Utah where we are going:

Really pretty country. Here is a photo by Larry Clarkson of the area:

Pretty sweet, eh? Photos and sketches next week. I'm taking my computer but not sure if there will be a signal out there.

"Can you hear me now?"
—Old Verizon Saying

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