Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24. 2010
Here's an update, from Marshall Trimble, on the new movie shooting in Cave Creek:

About three weeks ago I was asked to read and record the script of
"Queens of Country," now filming in Cave Creek. The dialogue coach wanted
someone with a "small town" accent to read the male lead so the actor could
listen to it and get the inflections into his role.

My first thought was, "I don't have a small town accent, I'm from
the City of Ash Fork."

My motto has always been when in doubt, go ahead so I recorded the
dialogue. I thought they'd say it was terrible but they liked it and said it
was just what they were looking for and could I record the other male part

Some of the lines were so salty they'd make a muleskinner blush
and the dialogue coach was a beautiful young woman named Diane. She was
really sweet and said, "Marshall, if you're not comfortable saying those
words you can skip over them."

Not wanting to be a wuss, I bravely read the lines like a pro. She
and I had a good laugh about it afterwards. I told her the only time I used
language like that myself was when I was mad at my computer.

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