Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010
Breezy and cool out this morning. The days are getting hotter (high 80s) but the mornings are cool. This will last for about another week and then it's nuclear blast heat time 24/7 for the next five months. But as we like to say, "It keeps the riff-raff out."

Went for a walk with Peaches and noticed a few wispy dreamlike clouds wafting over the Seven Sisters (stair-stepped peaks over the cave that Cave Creek is named for). Came home and whipped out a loose wash of the dreamscape clouds from memory:

Still working on the Digging Up Billy painting. Mark Boardman turned in his story and it has a nighttime setting, so I may have to scrap what I've done for a more nocturne image.

"No idea is so antiquated that it was not once modern. No idea is so modern that it will not someday by antiquated."
—Ellen Glasgow

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