Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Al Sieber at Gettysburg

June 13, 2016
   Took another run at an earlier effort to illustrate a certain character from the Mickey Free story who was wounded in Pennsylvania at a significant battle. 

Daily Whip Out: "Al Sieber at Gettysburg, Redux, 06.13.16"

Got up this morning and knocked out a vaquero scene.

Daily Whip Out: "Big Sky Roper"

"I let my hands do the talking. Then my brains catches up. I'm hearing it after it happens. . .My hands are in front of me a lot of the time."
—Eric Clapton describing his approach to guitar solos, in Rolling Stone magazine

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  1. Hiya Bob,
    Yeah... I'm a new subscriber. Got my first edition (Aug 2016) of Wild West. Still reading. I'm a slow reader, but thataway I sorta understand some of what I read. I like your "Big Sky Roper" whip out. Man... what kinda whip you usin' Bob? Ya got a Mexican Vaquero apparently someplace in Montana (accordin' to the title) thrown' a loop without a cow in sight. Maybe you got your borders all mixed up. Don't get me wrong, Bob. Heck, I don't want'a git kicked out'a the club before I join up. I got a little ranch down in Green Valley where I sorta hang my hat these days. Yup, a full 3/4 acre. My handle is Archie. Take care, Amigo.
    (Dang, I gotta'get me a new picture)


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