Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Wickenburg Route 66 Show Is Up

June 4, 2016
   Took a drive over to Wickenburg this morning to see the new Route 66 Show which just went up on May 28th. Here's a nice shot of Tim Prythero's "Al Bell's Flying A" in the display case and yes those are actual cars behind it. They tried to get a tear drop trailer in the door but the axle was three inches too wide. A very ambitious show and my hat is off to Mary Ann Inga who curated the artwork and ephemera.

Tim Prythero's "Al Bell's Flying A"

Here's a shot looking the other way. Most of my artwork is on the far wall.

Burma Shave And Retro Car Days

"Roadside Ruins"

   Of course, the piece de resistance for me is this big puppy:

Al Bell's Mobilgas Station In Peach Springs gets the blow-up treatment

   Dan the Man Harshberger did the blow-up work and hand-tinting color job on this. Looks iconic, as it should. Thanks Dan!

"A photograph is a secret about a secret."
—Diane Arbus

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