Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Save A Prayer for Lefty Too, He Only Did What He Had to Do

June 22, 2016
   Did a scratchboard this morning before I came into work for my good friends down at Santo Press. This is inspired by the Willie Nelson-Merle Haggard song. 

Daily Whip Out: "Save A Prayer for Lefty Too."

   Working on a big feature on the most famous stroll in the history of the West. That would be the walk these guys took:

Daily Whip Out: "The Walk Down"

   We're going to track everyone's movements on the morning of October 26, 2016. You know, stuff like this: "I slept late the day of the shooting. Got up about one or half-past one o'clock. I went to the barber shop to get shaved." Or, so said Sheriff John Behan.

"I was coming from my house to Bauer's meat market to get some meat for dinner. I saw quite a number of men standing in a group together on the sidewalk by the door of the market, and I passed on into the shop to get what I went for, and the parties in the shop were excited and did not seem to want to wait upon me."
—Martha J. King

"I was standing at the Post Office with Mr. Dillen of the firm of Dillen and Kenealy. . .I walked down as far as Fly's [rooming house], and there I saw Sheriff Behan and four farmers. As I approached, one of them, Mr. William Clanton, put his hand on his pistol, as if in fear of somebody. When he recognized me he removed his hand."
—William Cuddy

   Of course, we all know where this story ends:

DailyWhip Out: "Wyatt In Hollywood"

"And long may his story be told."
—Wyatt Earp theme song

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