Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weston Watering, Tall Walking Clouds & Whining Weather Wimps

June 23, 2016
   Got a full house this morning, with all the kids here, along with their spouses and their kids. One of them has a birthday tomorrow. He'll be three. Today, he and I hit the road early, before sunrise to get out and see Cactusland and all the "funny bunnies" on the road. I counted four, but when I asked Weston to tell everyone how many he saw, he counted to 20, so I feel pretty confident he has a future in media.

   When we got back from our walk he helped me water.

Weston Watering A Very Thirsty Spanish Dagger

Leave it to the Navajos to come up with the perfect name for those magnificent summer storms that roll through northern Arizona in the summer time. 

Daily Whip Out: "Tall Walking Rain"

To All You Whining Weather Wimps

   My good friend E.J. Montini has written some excellent columns over the past three decades, but today's column in the Arizona Republic is required reading for anyone who wants to call themselves a Zonie. In part he say, in regard to everyone whining about our furnace like heat: "Heat is good."

"It doesn't feel like it. but it is.

"Heat keeps us honest.

"Heat reminds us that paradise comes with a price. . ." and then he offers this advice:

"Okay, get a pencil.

"Are you ready? Here goes:

"Shut up."

E.J. goes on to say he often gets calls from out-of-state journalists researching our heat waves and who always want to know how we can "bear to live in such a place" as Arizona. Here's how he answers them:

"I say, first, that we can 'bear to live in such a place' because Arizona is beautiful.

"I say, our city, our state is unrelentingly interesting, filled with curious, furious, passionate people of all ages and ethnicities and political persuasions.

"I say that people who live in Arizona don't back down after that first really hot day in June. When Arizona's big, nasty summer is waiting for us jut ourside our front door, thrusting his chest at us and breathing his terrible hot breath in our faces.

"I say the reason we can 'bear to live' in the desert is because we love it here. And because we are not wimps."

Pretty cool, eh? Like I said, required reading if you want to live here and call yourself a Zonie.

"In America there are two classes of travel—first and with children."
—Robert Benchley

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