Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What The Hell Are Galway Sluggers? Leave It To Gay To Find Out!

June 2, 2016
   I knew if anybody could find out what the term "Galway Sluggers" means (see previous post on Mickey Free at the White House) it would be Gay Mathis. And here is what she found:

April 15, 1888--The Saint Paul Globe from Saint Paul, Minnesota · Page 21

SMUGMUGISM REIGNS Now Is the Horse-Clipper Used With Telling-Effect Upon Local Beaux-- Whiskers Through Which Boreal Blasts Have Soughed and Sighed Are Shorn--Fashion Says That a Young Man With a Beard Ought to Be Tabooed, But Old and Young Who Are Level Headed Stick to Their "Sluggers."

Matt Breen would probably go into retirement were he shorn of his Galway "sluggers." Matt possesses the unique distinction of flying the only genuine sluggers in the Northwest, and he is certainly proud of the honor. Byway of explanation, the name Galway "sluggers" is given to those whiskers which crop out from under the chin, completely filling the angle between the chin and neck. In order that they may have their best effect the upper lip and upper part of the chin must be cleanly shaven. Matt Breen owes his success in life, in a large measure, to the happiness and comfort residing in his Galways.

—Gay Mathis

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