Monday, June 06, 2016

When Owls Attack

June 6, 2016
   Had some fun this weekend staying in and channeling some of the outside heat into paintings. As Mickey Free, Tom Horn and James Young headed into Zig Zag Canyon, a huge storm rolled in spitting lightning everywhere. Rolling in under the canopy of these electrical arcs comes a very big owl, gliding in for the kill.

Daily Whip Out: "When Owls Attack"

Slaughter's Insurance
   Found out over the weekend from John Langallier that Texas John Slaughter's weekly poker games were not at his ranch house, but in Bisbee. Well, that changes everything. Took another run at James Young standing guard outside, this time on Main Street in Bisbee.    

Daily Whip Out: "Slaughter's Insurance"

   Also took a run at a Mormon beauty:

Daily Whip Out: "Hannah Hill Hood"

"A smile is like a shield; it freezes your face into a mask of muscle that you can hide behind."
—Jennifer Egan, from her amazing new short story "Black Box"

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