Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Does 25 Hats On The Bed Reverse The Bad Luck Deal?

October 24, 2017
   We just published a piece on Cowboy Hat Etiquette and we forgot one hat rule: do NOT put your hat on the bed. It's super bad luck.

   So this was rolling through my head this morning, because Kathy is having painters come to re-paint the bedroom and I had to take down my hat museum, on the walls, and well, where else was I going to put them? 

25 BBB hats on the Alamo bed.

   My hope is that 25 hats on the bed reverses the bad luck. And yes, that is the Alamo bed. Or, as I call it, "Kathy's Last Stand."

"Twenty-five Hats on the dresser, Yes Sir, you know I gotsta get paid."
—ZZ Top, bastardized lyrics from "I Gotsta Get Paid"

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