Monday, October 30, 2017

Early Morning On The Road

October 30, 2017
   My father was old school when it came to road trips: up at four, on the road before daylight. Drive for an hour and stop for breakfast. With that in mind, imagine the smile on my face when I got this email from my son who lives in Thailand:

"We left the house for Phichit this morning at 4:39 am. Thought you would be proud. An empty road, sleeping girls, hot coffee and mist in the mountain passes. Does life get any better?"
—Thomas Charles Bell

   Yes, I am prouder than a rooster on the roof of a packed hen house.

Daily Whip Out: "On The Road Before Dawn"

"I suddenly saw the whole country like an oyster for us to open; and the pearl was there, the pearl was there."

—Jack Kerouac, "On The Road"

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  1. Oh yes....the pearls were indeed the stars!!!


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