Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall Colors and Homeward Bound

October 22, 2017
   Took a couple days off after the book crunch to go see these bambinos:

Deena's two bambinos, Weston and Frances do the rock out with Grandma Goose.

FYI: our kids, Tommy and Deena, call us The Gooses. Landed in Seattle on Thursday afternoon in the rain. Very wet for several days (which is heaven to a desert rat). Cleared out this morning. Beautiful fall colors in Bellevue, Washington. Never seen such bright, red leaves before.

BBB at Idylwood Park on the banks of Lake Washington

Kathy and I babysat Weston so his parents could have some fun. So did we.

Weston, age 4, drawing in Grandpa Ha ha's sketchbook

   I took Weston to the art store yesterday and bought him some pens and paints and his own sketchbook, more his size.

   Hasn't been all laid back fun. Receiving PDF proofs on the book via email and making changes as we go. Thanks to the efforts of Meghan Saar and Robert Ray, it's going out on time tomorrow and it looks fantastic!

"I would be willing to take my oath on the Bible tomorrow that I have killed over a hundred, a long ways off."
Wild Bill Hickok

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