Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The History of Classic Gunfights

October 18, 2017
      Next year marks True West magazine's 65th Anniversary and when our editor, Meghan Saar, was looking back through our archives, she found some interesting tidbits:

We are often mobbed just trying to drive through town and sometimes we are forced
to get out and walk.

   Meghan also found a few items on my blog that track the beginnings of Classic Gunfights, which runs parallel to my scattered and long exasperating efforts to do a book on Wild Bill Hickok (I actually started the book back in 1996).

The History of Classic Gunfights

March 7, 2000
I came up with the idea of Classic Gunfights and featuring a gunfight every issue. Will start with Wyatt Earp at Mescal Springs in next issue.

June 2, 2000
I worked one of the longest days of my life yesterday. Did three paintings and a scratchboard for Hickok Classic Gunfights piece, plus the usual publisher/radio madness. Finished at 10 last night.

The September, 2001 issue (yes, the 9•11 issue) although we produced it in May.

May 19, 2001
   I drove up to Camp Verde to shoot photos for Wild Bill's 7th Cav Fight, photo reference session at Old Fort Verde, Arizona

          Left to right: Michael Woodcock, Scott Dunkirk, Robert hunter, Garrett Roberts, Chris T.                  DeMille (yes, he's related to that DeMille), Ernest Cummings and Thadd Turner.

May 29, 2001
Working hard on 11 images for Wild Bill issue. I’m not as bad as I fear, but not as good as I hope for.

One of the Wild Bill Daily Whip Outs

June 1, 2001
Mike Melrose is above $14K for Wild Bill! I was so impressed I took him to lunch at El Encanto. Great guy.

June 26, 2001
I did 26 illustrations for the Wild Bill issue [where did I find the time?]

End of Blog archives. On a related note, I just finished the Wild Bill book this afternoon at 4:57. Lots of production left for Robert Ray and Meghan Saar, but I finished all the art and the last caption. Whew! Long strange, trip! Goes to printer on Monday.

"Progress might have been all right once but it has gone on too long"
—Odgen Nash

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