Saturday, May 26, 2018

Big-brimmed Recap

May 26, 2018
   Been on a big-brimmed kick for a while now. Let's recap and hit the highlights:

"Say A Prayer for Lefty Too"

"Snaggle-toothed Cop Killer"

"The Sugarloaf"

"Vaquero In Sunset"

Bisti Badman

"Billy As I Want Him to Be"

"Bravo Juan"

"El Jefe"

"Sonoran Herder"

"Ishmael's Realization"


"Sugarloaf Skinner"

   Okay, to make it a baker's dozen, here's one more for good luck.

"You talkin' to me, Pendejo?"

"Or my cousins, on the ridge, behind me?"
—Old Vaquero Additional Saying

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