Friday, May 11, 2018

Listen, or your tongue will keep you deaf.

May 11, 2018
   My friend and partner, Ken Amorosano, and I, flew to Albuquerque today and then drove on up to Santa Fe to spend some quality time with this guy. 

Wes Studi at home

   Ken shot him for our August cover and I interviewed him about his many films. His first words to me were, "Do you know how to open a gate?"

   We were about eight minutes late and as I got out of the rental car in his long driveway, I looked over the top of the turquoise, five-foot-gate to Wes Studi's adobe home and saw him and his wife, Maura, standing on the patio, above, waiting for us. I hesitated. Should I barge in, or should I wait for an invitation to come in? Wes gave me the steely-eyed look he is famous for and said, "Do you know how to open a gate?"

   Later as we were leaving, he laughed and said, "That was In-din humor."

   Indeed, it was.

"Listen, or your tongue will keep you deaf."
—Old In-din Saying


  1. Wes did the same thing at the Golden Boot Awards. His sense of humor is keen but people don't know how to take him. Most think he is serious because of all the stoic Indians he's played but inside he' just a normal guy who likes to have fun.

    I was standing on the second floor of the hotel where they were holding the "Boots" and spotted Wes weaving through the crowd in the huge lobby making his way to the elevators. He was walking at a quick jaunt but he was unnoticed by the people. I wanted to yell out "MAGUA! so much, just to see his reaction and the crowds, but held my tongue and watched him disappear into the elevator and up to his room.

  2. So great. Thank God you DO know how...

  3. Anonymous4:49 PM

    So, we took a city slicker out on the range and watched him put himself on the wrong side of every ranch gate we come across.


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