Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mailbox: Praise of the Belle of Old Fort Sumner & Infantor

May 24, 2018
   Got some interesting mail this week. The first request was to see "the family who likes to camp." This is an inside joke because we actually hated camping, but someone in Hands Across The Border saw us at a school event and remarked, "Oh, yes, you are the family that likes to camp."

The Bell family eighties version

Praise for "The Bell of Old Fort Sumner"

   "Boy did I love the Billy the Kid multi-page story in the May True West.  And the lost manuscript based on the interview with Billy's lover.  I read it twice!   The explanation of the events at Pete Maxwell's place that night was such great reading.  Thanks to your team for committing so many pages to one subject.  Sometimes your authors are too brief but this time they were 'spot on!'."
—Allen Fossenkemper, Fountain Hills, Arizona

"The Belle of Old Fort Sumner"

Infantor! He Never Minds He-Dad!

   "In the mid 80’s a comic strip ran briefly in Westword, an alt weekly here in Denver.  Westword gave me your contact link and said you had the rights. The strip featured an infant/toddler in diapers called Infantor.  I think you are the artist.  If not I’m sorry to bother you. It was hilarious. Thanks for your time."

 —Steve Kelly, Denver, Colorado

   Here you go:

He-Dad is no match for Infantor!

"Radical change is the nature of American life. That's the only permanent thing."

—Philip Roth

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