Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Red Dust Riders & Other Atmospheric Phenoms

May 23, 2018
   You know that fading light phenom when you can still see but it's all thin in detail?

Daily Whip Out: "Red Dust Riders"

   You know that phenom where a dust devil comes right at you, and you zig when you should have zagged?

"Dust Devils Are Bad Medicine"

   You know that phenom when there's a big storm brewing in the north and you think you can make it home, but you're not sure you'll make it without getting wet?

"Cowboy's Dream"

    You know that phenom where you do a quick painting and you don't even try to make it work and then one of your favorite recording artists sees it on your blog, contacts you about using it on a CD cover and you can't find the original because you didn't think it was worth saving?

"Magic Hour"

   I wonder if there's a theory about how all these phenoms work together?

"Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't."
—Chief Dan George, "Little Big Man"

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