Friday, May 18, 2018

The Earth Is Passing Gas, Man

May 18, 2018
    Sometimes scientists fall short in conveying to the rest of us what is actually happening on the planet.

The Best Explanation I Have Heard So Far
"That's the earth, farting, Man. All I know is, that volcano is demanding some respect."
—Rufus Daigle, 69, Klaueo, Hawaii

A ring of flowers on budding saguaro, Cahava Ranch Road

Where Do My Book Ideas Come From?
   Book ideas come to me like female hot flashes: out of the blue, often at odd hours, they burn bright, then I go back to sleep and I'm awakened by another one. Got this from my curator, Kristi Jacobs who was digging deep in my blog for a missing art piece:

"Your May 10, 2010 blog ends with. . .

"These are grave matters."
—BBB, from the forthcoming book The Fine Art of Becoming A Fine Artist
   "What ever happened to that book?"

   Oh, my, I have had so many book ideas it's not even funny. This "Fine Art" idea is one of them. I saw this quote today which pretty much sums it all up:

"It's never been easy to make something new. Inspiration strikes; insight occurs; shit happens."
—Bijan Stephen

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