Friday, October 25, 2019

Bury My Heart at Barnes & Noble Plus Four Geronimos

October 25, 2019
   Had a bad day at Barnes & Noble yesterday. More on that in a minute.

   So I asked one of my key designers what she wanted as a bonus for working on the Geronimo book, and Rebecca Edwards said: "I want art prints of these 'Four Geronimos'". I agree. Since four is such a powerful number to the Apaches it seems fitting to print them in fours. 

Daily Whip Outs: "Four Geronimos"

 Bury My Heart at Barnes & Noble
   We work really hard to put the right imagery and the right type on that imagery on the cover of every issue. Kathy and I met at Desert Ridge for dinner last night and before we ate I walked over to the Desert Ridge Barnes & Noble to see how we are faring on the newsstand.

Can you spot True West?

   It took me five minutes to find us. There is an upper rack and a lower rack. This is the lower rack. For a minute I thought perhaps we sold out? Wouldn't that be great? Okay, look carefully at the second row, far left.

Just the corner showing

   So when the reports come back to us that show Geronimo did not sell well, how do we make an accurate appraisal of how well the cover worked? If even a quarter of the newsstand rack positions look like this, we cannot make any accurate conclusion. This is quite discouraging to say the least.

The G-Man looking as sad as I feel.

   Well, of course, I didn't leave that store without fixing the situation. Here's how that rack looks now:

True West front and center, where it should be.

"You can't win. You can't break even. You can't leave the game, but if you're devious enough you can move the cheese."
—Some German Guy


  1. The Four Geronimos are fantastic, I love them!

  2. Well done on the reshifting of the periodicals. I will go out this weekend, and If necessary, will do likewise.
    Also, love the prints. Sell us some!

  3. Same for aircraft owners..........I have a 1960 Piper Comanche.

    Other Pipers are Apache, Pawnee, Aztec, Warrior, Seneca, Navajo,etc.

  4. Look at the bright side: You had a Double Exposure. That should count something. Phil -=A=-

  5. BBB everytime I go to B&N I make a TW adjustment even if it's just putting back some of the blow in post cards that have fallen on the floor.


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