Friday, October 04, 2019

Robots Enhance Drunk's Nutrition at NAU

October 4, 2019
   One of the amazing, future-shock things Kathy and I witnessed last week when I had the lecture at NAU is the wave of robots delivering food to students.

   More, specifically hung over students, who are too lazy to go to the cafeteria.

Robots lining up at back of cafeteria

Actual human loading robot with takeout food

Robot tooling along on campus

   As it was explained to me, these robots which you see tooling along the walkways, all over campus, are delivering food to dorms and one of the unexpected benefits is that more students are eating breakfast.

   You simply order over your phone, then the robot tools on over to your dorm and alerts you, it is downstairs and you simple go down and open the lid and take your food.

Gimme that sandwich!

This is such great news to all the hungover drunks on campus.

"Helping drunks at NAU one takeout order at a time."
—Robot motto which I am giving them for free

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