Sunday, October 13, 2019

Geronimo And The Vision Thing

October 13, 2019
   Two days to press. This is the last-minute stage where a flurry of things happen, all at once. New things coming in, old things falling out, missing cutlines written and corrected, wrong photo credits corrected. A variety of dedicated people, Rebecca Edwards, Beth Deveny and Robert Ray, are working on the weekend to bring this to the finish line.

   Speaking of new things dropping in my lap, check this out:

Geronimo's Vision Quest

   Wow! Does this give you a different perspective on Geronimo? Man, that guy was a mountain of contradictions, I tell you. One thing you have to admit, is he did have an excellent and unique scarf tie-knot that shows up in quite a few photographs, including this one.

   Thanks to my friend Mort Mortensen for finding this.

   Finishing up the last painting for the project today. I actually have a dozen other semi-finished boards scattered around my studio, but it's time to stop cutting bait and fish. Or, should that be: stop cutting bait, stop fishing, tie up the damn boat to the dock and go home!

Daily Whip Out In Progress:
"Geronimo Is A Cowboy, II"

   Either way, this whale is going to the printer on Tuesday, with, or without another damn painting.

"I like to work very fast, to avoid mental and emotional constipation, which is my way of describing crippling self-consciousness."
—Liana Finck, on "How to Make Comics & Cartoons"

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