Friday, July 16, 2021

Drummer Dazzles One Chick and Las Tules, Naked & Not Afraid

 July 16, 2021

   If you look at my life in the right light it's pretty impressive. How did I, an above-average Kingman kid, manage this? Well, for one thing, I have followed a few bromides in my day, like this: When one door closes, another one opens. Other than that it's a pretty good car.

   And this one really resonates with me:

"Yeah, I pretty much never sit by the pool anymore."

—Marco Polo

If You Can't Attract Beautiful Chicks at Least Learn to Draw Them

   She fleeced many a Yankee in Old Santa Fe and she became a legend to all of New Mexico. 

Daily Whip Out:

"Las Tules, Naked & Not Afraid"

How to Dazzle One Chick

   Yes, drumming put me through college. True, I didn't actually graduate but that's also typical drummer behavior. Also, in the "dazzle the chicks" department, I went 1 for 1,000, but it was the right one. 

"If you think it's bad now, in twenty years the country is going to be run by kids who were home-schooled by alcoholics."

—Old Pandemic Saying

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