Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Duke of Dust Luanches More Women Teasers

 July 17, 2021

   Here they come. More Women of The Wild West teasers.

   A powerful influence in the Native New Mexican culture back in the day was the bruja who could cast spells on your enemies, cure disease, or even bring back the dead.
Daily Whip Out: "Bruja In Dust"
(Bruja is Spanish for witch)

   A big hat on the frontier was a staple, but among the women, the hats were often even larger, replete with feathers and flowers and they made for an impressive sight from Saint Louis to the Columbian River.

Daily Whip Out: "Big Hat, Big Shade"

   Many a young boy went astray without the guiding influence of a strong mother and nowhere was this more pronounced than in the New Mexico mining town of Silver City where a young lad by the name of Henry McCarty lost his mother to tuberculosis when he was perhaps 15. Not a good age to be cut loose. A river of blood followed him to his grave.

Daily Whip Out: 'A Mother's Influence"

   She made her mark through the fog of prejudice and tradition—an American-born girl of Chinese
descent who defied her parents for her freedom, and then defied the White community for her love. Her
bilingual skills were so valued, she became the first Chinese-American woman to work as a civil
servant for the U.S government.

Daily Whip Out: "Tye Takes On The World"
( Tye Leung Schultz, California. 1887-1972)

   And here is an example of the layout we are shooting for.

"Some broke the rules. Some broke the mode. Some broke the law, but they all broke through."
—BBB on the theme of the book

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