Friday, July 30, 2021

The Best part of A Very Violent Journey

 July 30, 2021

  We're rapping up our big 140th Anniversary of the Gunfight at The O.K. Corral issue (October) and we have some wonderful and outrageous commentary from some great friends I have met along the way. Got a big thankyou from one of the guys, and in his email he casually launches off in to what appears to be a future cover story.

Another Cover Story In The Can

Violent Times

  "Arguably, the late nineteenth century was the most violent time in American history, not just in the West but nationally.  Three of the four assassinated presidents were killed between 1865 and 1901.  Lynching was widespread, and not just in the South.  Labor troubles, the boom town phenomenon, the last Indian wars, political violence in several states must also be included, and I think I have gained some insights into the nature and causes of violence as the results of my studies.  And relying upon my mentors from the early years and my ongoing debate with colleagues through the years, I can say honestly that the best part about the whole journey has been the dialogue I have enjoyed with those who have shared my interests if not my approach.  I look back grateful to them, and I think that over time they have proven the point that Old West history has (or at least can have) credibility and importance.  I include you in that merry band of searchers."
—Gary L. Roberts

"Most of my friends irritate me but that is part of the fun."
—Old Cartoonist Talking

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  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Somehow, upon reading your closing quote, I felt a bit like Sally Fields, pre-"Smokey" era.


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