Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Cool Wolves Like Marty Robbins and The Late Great Sam Shepard

August 2, 2017
   I'm still suffering jet lag. I don't want to complain (Oh, he went to Europe, and he has sleep issues, oh the poor baby!) but I woke up at midnite for two nights in a row now. Got up the first night and worked until about noon and then really hit the wall. Last night I tried to go back to sleep, but gave up at about three and went out into the kitchen and turned on the coffee. Kathy is still in Germany until mid-September so I'm bachin'-it.

  The good news is it is very peaceful and enjoyable out in those early morning hours. Got some sprinkles on my walk.

Storm over the Crow's Nest

Went out to the studio and grabbed a DWO called "Coyote Eyes" and re-purposed it as a possible illustration for an Olive Oatman feature for November, added the Oatmans at the bottom.

Daily Re-Whip Out: "Wolves Wait Their Turn As They Follow The Oatman Wagon"

Too Cool for School
   We are featuring several very cool guys in the October issue and two of them had connections to the magazine. Marshall Trimble, actually knew Marty Robbins and tracks the Glendale, Arizona native through his long career (Rosa's Cantina in the song "El Paso" was actually a Glendale restaurant Marty frequented).

Marty Robbins: "A Big Iron On His Hip"

   The other guy who we need to give a shout out to, is the late, great Sam Shepard, who wrote a searing stage play, called, fittingly, True West. Sam is such a class guy he requested permission to use the name from the then owners of True West magazine.

Daily Whip Out: "Sam Shepard Was True West Cool"

Another group of cool guys get the some needed respect in the October issue as we celebrate these hombres in our art coverage:

Daily Whip Out: "The Vaquero"

"Not to brag, but I can unhook a bra using just a bent paper clip, some WD-40, and my reading glasses."
—Russ Shaw, Jr.

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