Saturday, August 12, 2017

The View From My Breakfast Table This Morning

August 12, 2017
   One of my morning rituals is to take all my works-in-progress and set them on the breakfast nook bench so I can study them while I eat my toast and drink my coffee. Here's the view from my breakfast table this morning. 

   The Dark Tower graphic novel is there because I was curious to study the source material for the new movie and see if I can figure out why they dropped the obvious Clint Eastwood-Spaghetti Western part of the theme. My conclusion is that the people who made the movie are chickenshits. The O.K. Corral salt and pepper shaker, on the counter, at left, was a gift from The Top Secret Writer. And Yes, the Joseph Rosa book is my bible for the current project.

"The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there."
—L. P. Hartley

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  1. Kristi Jacobs10:01 AM

    I'm deep into reading the Dark Tower series, saw the theatrical trailer, thought to view the Hearing that screenwriters were unable to capture Stephen King's compelling story - offering only a disappointingly slight resemblance - I will stay on book, on journey in my imagination with King as my guide.


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