Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rain In The Face, Gnats In The Ears

August 12, 2017
   Got out on the road at 5:45 this morning. Caught this sweet little cloud break over Ratcliff Ridge. 

A Break In The Clouds Over Ratcliff Ridge

      Emailed the photo to my far flung family in Germany, Thailand and Seattle. As I was coming back from my morning walk, Ratcliff Ridge lit up with an even cooler view.

No, Wait! This Is Even Better!

   Got some sweet rain at about eight. Unfortunately, the moisture brings out the bugs and gnats, which we normally don't have. All of life is a trade off, isn't it? Blistering heat, no bugs. Nice rain, gnats in the ears.

"It's always something."

—Emily Littella, (Gilda Radner)

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