Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Phone Alone

August 8, 2017
   I had a doctor's appointment—a cardiovascular check-up—yesterday, and I always bring a True West magazine with me to put in the waiting room. I do the same thing at my dentist's office. If the wait is long, I enjoy watching who picks up the magazine to read and I have even gone over and asked these waiting room readers why they picked up the issue and what they liked and didn't like about what they saw. It is a wonderful way to do a random focus group and I have gleaned some good feedback from the exercise.

   But,  here is the scene I saw when I came in the door yesterday:

Phone Alone

   Ouch! Nobody reads magazines in the waiting room anymore, because everybody is on their phones! Even Johnny Crawford can't seem to get their attention. And, as Dan The Man pointed out, "The Rifleman" was playing on the TV and I was the only one watching it. 

"I miss the days when we were smarter than our phones."


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    How did the cardiovascular exam go? Do you still have a heart? dj

  2. Can you imagine how many germs are on those magazines that have been laying around a doctors office and been handled by dozens of sick people?

    1. Oh, come on Michael, a random disease is a small price to pay for good reading material.


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