Friday, August 25, 2017

Newsstand Wars & Waiting On A Song

August 25, 2017
   Readers often send me shots of how True West is displayed on the newsstand. 

True West magazines on display at Smith's Grocery Store in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

   This is from The Top Secret Writer in a Smith's grocery store in Albuquerque. We are in the second row, which is why we design for that upper left corner because it's often the only thing a potential reader sees. Remember, if you see this at your newsstand, please move all the True West magazines to the front.

   Thank you.

  Got home last night and caught this sunset light across the street:

Ratcliff Ridge

Got up this morning and did a loosey goosey piece.

Daily Whip Out: "Waiting"

   Speaking of waiting, one of my favorite new tunes is by Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) and this is a sample of the lyrics which I believe he wrote with John Prine, (who also gave Dan the inside skinny on where to find the best meatloaf in Nashville):

I been hitching and I been thumbin'
I can almost hear one coming
I'm just waiting, waiting on a song

I looked down in my pocket
Underneath the bed
Walked under the lamp post
And one hit me on the head

Am I blind or too dumb to see
All the sound surrounding me?
I'm just waiting, waiting on a song

And the final stanza, which I love (it applies to all of life):

"When those railroad gates come down, you better stop and turn around, you're just waiting, waiting on a song."

"Life begins when a person first realizes how soon it will end."
—Marcelene Cox

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  1. Our BN has a bad habit of putting the TW on the top rack behind several other magazines. I find this rather irritating since I'm a bit short on height, so I usually find their little movable stool, climb up there and move TW to the front where it can be more visible.


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