Saturday, August 26, 2017

Revenge of The Buffalo, Or, The Cauldron

August 26, 2017
   Planning a road trip with my honey, so I spread out our topo maps on the breakfast table to plan a route. Edmundo Mell came out last night and before we went out to dinner, we poured over the maps, since he knows that area pretty well. 

That's Utah on the right and Jacob's Lake, AZ on the left.

   The art in progress, in the above photo, is for my next book on Wild Bill, to be published this fall. The flowers were an impulse buy at Bashas' and I consider them a quality-of-life purchase. Don't tell anyone, but I talk to them in the morning: "Well, hello ladies."

   This morning I noodled storm clouds that evolved into something a little more metaphoric:

Daily Whip Out: "The Cauldron"

"What courage to make sketches."
—Edgar Degas

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