Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Maynard Dixon's Cabin & Art Studio

September 12, 2017
   Yesterday we motored from Page, Arizona, across into the wilds of southern Utah, where we landed at Maynard Dixon's cabin, near Mount Carmel. I am holed up here, in his studio, until I finish the Wild Bill book.

The 1870s irrigation ditch that dissects the Maynard Dixon cabin and property.
Very isolated, comfy and intimate.

Art print in Maynard's studio of an early, but very fine Dixon piece.

Here is the north light part of the studio with bucking art print in context.

The opposite corner of the studio, featuring a bronze of Maynard by Gary Ernest Smith.
That is my nude model, Kathy Sue, fresh from an assignment in Germany. She's very good.
Always shows up on time. Never complains. Okay, some of this is made up.

Maynard's studio, which was built to his specs the year after his death.

All in all, not a bad place to be holed up.

"At last I shall give myself to the desert again, that I, in its golden dust, may be blown from a barren peak, broadcast over the sun-lands."
—Maynard Dixon poem, May 16, 1935


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