Saturday, September 02, 2017

The Size And Shape of Things to Come

September 2, 2017
   Someone asked me what size sketchbooks I use to do my Daily Whip Outs. Here are the three sizes I use. 

Daily Whip Out Arsenal: "My Three Sketchbooks"

From the left: my trusty 11" X 14" (95% of my sketches come out of this size book), then we have the more compact 9" X 12" book which I carried to France and Germany last month, and then, on the right, is the little feller, 6" X 6" which I intend to use more because it frees me up quite a bit (I did this little study of The Sundance Kid as a literal kid, and I plan on using it, as is, in the forthcoming Hickok book). My tools are also shown, big fan brushes and gouache palette, upper right, along with some very expensive German felt tip pens (upper left). While I enjoy the German pens—I bought them at an art store in Wiesbaden—they are quite limiting, to me, because they don't have the flare of a brush and they tend to dry out quickly.

Daily Whip Out Arsenal: "My Three Sketchbooks, With an In-din Emphasis,
Plus A Couple Recent Watercolor Boards for Size Comparison"

Daily Whip Out Arsenal: "Paris, France Emphasis"

"I see by the size of your sketchbook, you are happy to see me."
—Mae West, in my dreams

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