Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Of All The Actors Who Have Portrayed Wild Bill, One Guy Nailed Hickok

September 26, 2017
   In my humble opinion the actor who nailed the look of James Butler Hickok the best, is this cat:

Jeff Bridges as "Wild Bill," 1995

   Too bad the movie was so weak. Here's an in-progress sneak peek at the layout in the book for the others:

Wild Bill Wannabes from, "The Illustrated Life & Times of Wild Bill Hickok"

Getting closer.

This is a rough ad layout. There is no pre-orders being taken, yet.

"If there's one thing a historian does better than anything else, it's ruin a good story."
—Old Vaquero Sying


  1. Good pick, I agree with the movie kind of weak, but I also really liked Keith Carradine in Deadwood, the weariness that seemed to weigh on him.

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Bodie makes a good point. Eliminating legend and sticking to documentation from the period, Hickok was not in Deadwood to be a gunslinger, his eyesight was crappy and he knew it. That had to take some of the swagger out of him. Plus, documentation from his Deadwood days mention he was often seen without his famous pistols, a sign that he was actively avoiding trouble. Carradine's deflated Hickok is likely to be a valid interpretation. -John Halverson

  2. Jeff Cory in Little Big Man was a very good image of the real Hickok and Keith Carridine in Deadwood. Jeff Bridges who I like as N actor was hampered by a very weak plot.

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    also Sam Elliot in Buffalo Girls


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