Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fond—And Not So Fond—Memories of Clantonville

Flashback Memories in the history of True West

November 1, 1999
Three Mayflower trucks pull up to the new True West offices behind Frontier Town in Cave Creek and demand a cashier’s check for $12,920.40 before they’ll unload. Bob McCubbin dubs the premises “Clantonville” and a new era in the history of the West begins.

Jackass Central: Marcus Huff and BBB

The Huff Remembers Clantonville

Remember it well. Cold pizza from the Horny Toad and Bob in his surf shorts and Stetson. Photoshop never worked. We had to beg advertisers to take a chance. Story ideas came and went. We laughed a lot. We fought harder. Dozens of groupies and trendies wanted in. In the end, only Boze and I remained. Late nights and more laughs. Worried investors and office managers. Photo shoots and loud music. Cold feet because we couldn't afford heat. Pancakes at Bozeville. The toilet was always clogged. The hate mail was inspired. We did it our way.
—Marcus Huff

"I was born knowing the truth. Everybody is. Trouble is they get it knocked out of them before they can walk."

—Bob Dylan

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