Friday, November 24, 2017

Why Am I In Why?

November 24, 2017
   Found myself in Why yesterday.

A wonderful mural on the side of the bathroom at the
Why Not Travel center in Why, AZ.

   For those of you who don't know, it's named Why because back at the turn of the Twentieth Century when the post office submitted the name of the town—"Y"—which is where two roads came together south of Ajo, Arizona, the post office told them a post office for a town in Arizona had to have at least three letters so the town fathers—or mother—said, okay, the name of the town is Why.

   So that's Why.

   Also in Why is this gorgeous fountain:

The Gurgling Pickup Truck Cab Fountain at Why, Arizona.

   What a state. What a town.

"Why go on living, if you can't live in Why?"
—A proposed slogan for Why, Arizona

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  1. Thank you Bob for stopping in at my family's store in Why. We hope to see you again if your travels take you back our way. Cheers


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