Saturday, November 25, 2017

On The Beach And Olive In Relief

November 25, 2017
   Sometimes we just need to just get away and recharge. And when I get in that mode, my mind goes south. Took off Friday morning and motored the back way through Buckeye and stopped at this place for breakfast:

The Sheep Camp in Buckeye, Arizona

   Tom Augherton and I discovered this little neighborhood cafe a couple years ago when we came down for the Buckeye Rodeo parade. I love these little places off the beaten path, because I love to hear the local guys BS-ing during their daily coffee klatch discussions: "Twenty-five percent of the new cars don't even have a spare. Don't need 'em anymore when a tire can have a nail in it and you can still drive for 40 miles." I'm sorry, but you don't get this valuable kind of information at Cracker Barrel.

   Got to the border at about noon and landed in our beachfront condo at one. Brought some work with me:

Daily Whip Out: "Olive In Relief"

       But this is why we came.

Sunset on Sandy Beach.

The view out our window this morning.

"Nobody is interested in accuracy; they are interested in things being Western."
—Hernan Diaz

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