Thursday, November 30, 2017

Our Historically Accurate Westerns feature has been put to bed, and now we are fighting over the cover.

November 30, 2017
   Woke up in the wee hours, worried about how to finish our big Historically Accurate Westerns package which starts uploading to the printer today. Spent way too much time and too much money on getting expensive photos to illustrate the big 14-page opus, but it is what it is. Finally finished the issue at noon and now all we have to do is decide on a cover:

The Four Finalist Covers

   My father lived for quite a few years in So-Hi Estates on the edge of Golden Valley, outside Kingman, Arizona. One day, in the 1990s, my kids and I decided to climb to the top of Castle Rock. This is a photo I took of my daughter Deena near the top. Check out those crazy rock formations! A truly wild place.

Deena C. near the top of Castle Rock

   Found a photo of our visit to Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999 when we bought the contents of True West magazine, lock, stock and back issues. Here is Steve Gragert in front of their inventory (which cost over $12,000 to ship to Arizona!) and in the background is the editor, Marcus Huff and my partner, and co-buyer, Robert G. McCubbin.

Former owner Steve Gragert Is Secretly Thrilled.

To be getting rid of all those boxes and boxes of back issues.

Daily Whip Out: "Olive In Shadow Series"

Daily Whip Out: "Classic War Bonnet with In-din Head"

"Charles Portis's 'True Grit' is a masterpiece. Don't settle for seeing the film versions. One of the great heroines of all time and a magnificent book filled with great dialogue."
—Anthony Bourdain

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  1. I personally like the BTK cover, but I suspect the Kurt Russell cover will sell more.


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