Saturday, January 22, 2022

Baxter Black Moves On

 January 22, 2022

   Covid claimed one of my Kingman family members this week. Stormie Linn, 62, died of Covid and double pneumonia. She was born on July 28, 1959 to Diana Majenty of the Hualapai tribe, and adopted at birth by Bud and—my aunt—Jean Linn. She was one of my favorites.

   The news has come that Baxter Black is in home hospice (a family member said he has a form of dementia and leukemia) and if anyone could make that funny it would be Baxter. He was a very funny guy for a large animal veternarian (which was hilarious just on that note) and which he mined to the moon. Good work amigo. You earned your rest. See you down the trail and across the divide.

   And, here's a little humor Baxter would no doubt appreciate:

"We stand behind all our equipment except for our manure spreaders."

—Bob Yoho

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