Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Sam Is Hot And So Is That Damn Show He Is On!

 January 25, 2022

   A work in progress:

Daily Whip Out:

"Sam Is Hot And So Is That Damn Show

He Is On!"

   I still have to put in a couple burning wagons and one or two tresspass weary In-dins, but we got word this morning that Taylor Sheridan and his crew are exhausted and can't provide the interviews we needed to get our cover story in the next issue. So we'll finish this at a later time.

   Kathy put a few flower pots in the dining room and they have been producing amazing results.

Amaryllis, Kathy and Uno

  As you can see, Kathy is happy with the results. Uno, not so much.

   Two more creative cowboy cussing examples:

• "A Bull-Sha-Vickey!" (Betty Simmons, ahem, swears her father uttered this oath when he was ticked.

• "Gee Ma Knee!" (creative spelling by Janet Dunn Burkhead)

   According to the author Glenn Burns, "All the tribes in the Sierra Madre have a legend of a vengeful rider appearing out of a dust devil."

Daily Whip Out:

"From Out of The Dust Came A Vengeful Rider Brandishing A Machete!"

"Some authors are shameless when it comes to making stuff up."

—Clifford Irving, author of "Autobiography of Howard Hughes"

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