Friday, January 21, 2022

Watch Your Mouth, Dagnabbit!

 January 21, 2022

   I want to compile a list of all those mild, round-about words that are used in place of actual cursing. You know, like "Dad Gummit!" and "Carnsarn it!" and "Dang straight!" and "Goll Durn It!" and "Son of a gun!" and my grandmother Minnie's favorite, "What in the Sam Hill?"

   Perhaps the zenith of this harmless and neutered joshing was when this guy followed Roy around.

Mr. Dagnabbit!

   Yes, the ultimate sidekick, Gabby Hayes. He never learned to ride a horse until he was 50 and he was the exact opposite of the characters he played. Here's what Dale Evans said of him: “He was very cultured, one of the most well-read men, one of the best educated men I’ve ever met. He wore very natty tweeds, and he smoked a pipe. He was a very distinguished gentleman completely different from his movie character.”

   Keep 'em coming. I want a big, long list. Right as rain.

"You sorry sack of sugar!"

—Homer Simpson, pulling his punch at the last word

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  1. Jerry's favorite was "Sonoma Beach" instead of "son of a b....."


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