Friday, January 07, 2022

Mickey Free With The Sidewinder Gaze And Taylor Sheridan Man On Fire

 January 7, 2022

   Back to basics, with an eye on the sky, I mean, eye on this guy.

Daily Whip Out: "Mickey In Shadow"

   "Yes, I knew Mickey Free and I was there when he bagged the Apache Kid. Mickey’s real name was Felix but he was captured as a young boy by the Tonto Apaches and raised with them on Aravaipa Creek where he learned the pinecone process and many other warrior tasks.He was light on his feet, with a sidewinder gaze."

—James Young, as quoted by Glenn Burns

   Speaking of Westerners with a sidewinder gaze.

Daily Whip Out: "Sam The Man In Twilight"

Three Shows In With Another On The Way

“I don’t know how to make a TV show,” Sheridan told me at one point, at least not the way that other prolific show creators like Chuck Lorre, Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy and Greg Berlanti do it, which involves a lot of delegation and trust. “I don’t have any idea and don’t really care to learn. I don’t do pattern budgeting, or write act breaks into things. I write 10-hour movies, and go shoot them. I don’t have a writers room, I’ve written them all myself. It’s not for lack of effort, I’ve tried three times.”

—Taylor Sheridan, interviewed by Mike Fleming, Jr. for Deadline

How 1883 Got Made

Daily Whip Out: "Ojo de Loco #4"

 "He moved like a coyote, head down, slinking along with a shifty gate. He could not be trusted with livestock or women."

—James Young

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