Sunday, January 02, 2022

Taking Mckey Free Seriously

 January 2, 2022

   Let's talk about Settler Colonialism and other hilarious developments in our always contentious history world.

   But first, let's talk about taking Mickey Seriously.

DailyWhip Out: "Seriously Mickey"

   "Thoughts on Mickey Free: Marketability is dependent upon the knowledge base of the consumer. While an interesting character, Mickey Free isn't Billy the Kid. Could this story be sold better written as a movie script, or the idea it could be a movie? If so, then it needs a title that "puts asses in seats". Could MF be used in a subtitle?What if this story was like a graphic novel(GN) mash-up of Tombstone and No Country for Old Men - the moodiness of NCFOM and the characterizations of Tombstone? Another graphic novel you may want to check out is Wilderness by Tim Truman- its the story of another obscure historical character Simon Girty. Or, in my opinion, one of the best graphic novels Indian Summer by Milo Manara & Hugo Pratt or their GN El Gaucho (a close second). These stories are haunting and epic. Your artistic style is unique- and suited to be graphically cinematic. Find a color palette that matches the mood and style- reach to your favorite movies and find a model. Check out the Duelists (Ridley Scott's first film)- violent, moody, beautiful cinematography, with real life humanness and traces of natural humor-not slapstick. MF needs to take itself seriously. Anyway, these are just the rambling thoughts of a fan. You may be our last hope for a great western graphic novel and this could be your magnum opus.

—Bradly Ross

   It should be noted right here that Notes have been taken. Thank you Bradly. I have Indian Summer in my library and it is quite graphic and sexual (Manara's claim to fame, see "The Click")  My ultimate goal with Mick is to be sitting in a darkened movie theater—sans mask—and see Mickey on his big, bad jack, riding across the silver screen. Of course, I will probably bitch about who they cast and how the hats are wrong, but in the dream, at least, I am happy as a clam for everyone.

   And, speaking of great hats.

Isabel May's fantastic chapeau in 1883

  Whoever is doing the hats on 1883, I congratulate you. All of us who love hats, salute you. And I'll fight anyone who disagrees.

Put Up Your Dukes, Pilgrim!

    So my first goal is to do a rousing tale, well told. The guy to emulate in this department is the dude who is currently writing the best Western in a long, long time.

Sam Elliott stars in 1883

   And Taylor Sheridan is the guy who gave us this story and this guy. I'll see you down the trail.

"There's a lot of landscape that I never would have described if I hadn't been homesick. If I hadn't wanted to remember."
—Joan Didion, (1934-2021)



  1. That painting of Mickey Free gave me chills. That is a man to be cautious of.

    Another reference I can offer is by the artist Gary Kelley who took his first foray into the GN venture Moon of the Snow Blind, a story about the Spirit Lake Massacre. The story is told in primarily double panel pages and single panel pages- an interesting and effective choice. Here is a web link you may find interesting.

    Best wishes on your adventure!

    1. Bradley, I want to thank you for thi connetion. I watched the video of "Moon of The Snow Blind" and I am ordering the book and I want you to know you have earned a thankyou in the GN. Thanks again. Very cool.


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