Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Autry and The O'Reilly

June 3, 2015
   Day six of babysitting this guy:

Weston helping G Ma wash dishes. If you ever need
anyone to dump things out, this is your guy.

Yesterday morning I drove over to the Autry and had a meeting with these guys:

Rob Word, Victor Phillips and I discussed possible joint projects
that would benefit both the Autry and True West magazine. Good guys.

O'Reilly Feedback
   We've been polling our editors to get reaction on the new Bill O'Reilly series "Legends & Lies" especially the book. While we have gathered quite a few negative comments about errors and falsehoods, here is an interesting response because it's from someone who is very prominent in the history world, but doesn't want his name used:

   "The success of the book is nothing short of remarkable and it is a great boon to western history despite its flaws (and the tv show is worse--the Billy episode was embarrassing and Custer last night made me cringe). The whole enterprise reminds me of all the great picture books on the West by James Horan and others that I devoured as a kid. They were full of errors but they helped spark my life-long love affair with the West. So I say hurrah for Bill O'Reilly and David Fisher!"

"To look at everything, trying to see what is behind it, to see it in its right light, requires divine illumination, a spiritual outlook on life. And this outlook is attained by the increase of compassion. The more compassion one has in one's heart, the more the world will begin to look different."
—Hazrat Inayat Khan


  1. Well that's probably correct. The James Horan books were some of the first that I got and they really sparked my interest. It's only later after I read literally 100's of books that I realized how little was known about these Western Icons.
    But, a lot of the O'Reilly errors could have easily been avoided, but I suspect they were kept in (Brushy Bill, etc) to add to the "mystery" about these folks.

  2. Well, remember when you purchased for a quarter the fake photo of "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" that helped motivate you, and your quest seeking the truth about history..The "Legends & Lies" series and companion book can do the same for others, it appears..


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