Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Duke of Dust And The Last Intern

June 30, 2015
   Drove from Tombstone to Cave Creek on Sunday, skirting rain and dust storms all the way. When I drive, I always look out the window and wonder what it was like to be out there in 1881.

Daily Whip Out: "Foot Soldiers Trudge Through The Dust"

   We had a very good intern work with us for the past couple months. Meet Mr. Cameron Douglas:

Toughest Unpaid Intern In Arizona

Cameron and I go back a bit. Cameron and my son Thomas Charles grew up together here in Cave Creek. Here they are on the set of a TV show filmed in Cave Creek in the late eighties. They are standing with one of the stars, a soccer star from Australia named Jocko, if memory serves me correct:

Thomas Charles Bell (with Uzi), Cameron Douglas and Jocko, circa 1988

Cameron was excellent at researching, filling holes, posting blogs and writing captions. His fingerprints are all over the Pancho Villa issue and he also improved the Billy the Kid Special Report, and he just finished researching Hollywood outlaws for our October issue. One of things we forced Cam to do is attend long meetings to get him prepped for real life.

2016 Planning Session, L-R: Ken Amorosano, Cameron Douglas, Rebecca Edwards, Meghan Saar and Stuart Rosebrook.

This was our Monday meeting and we had another one this morning to go over the September issue and features for the rest of the year.

Cameron's Last Design Review: arguing about what is on the wall (September issue).

Cam hits the road: Ken Amorosano, Cameron Douglas and BBB. Sad to see the boy go, but he's off to San Diego to conquer the world.

"Tom Wolfe ate the world and vomited lava."
—Ray Bradbury in Zen In The Art of Writing, a gift from Cameron

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