Friday, July 24, 2015

The Tragedy of Wyatt and Mattie & Pimps From Iowa

July 24, 2015
   Lots of layout and catching up to do today. Started off early with a 5:30 a.m. radio phoner with the hosts Mike and Steve on Gulf Coast Radio. I was plugging the new Gunslingers II TV series which airs on Sunday. Here's the schedule:

Episode 1: Butch Cassidy – The Perfect Criminal – repeat air Sunday, July 26th at 9pm EST/8pm CT

Episode 2: Seth Bullock – Sheriff of Deadwood – premiers Sunday, July 26th at 10pm EST/9CT
Episode 3: Bat Masterson – Defender of Dodge – premiers  August 2nd, at 10pm EST/9CT
Episode 4: Bass Reeves – The Real Lone Ranger – premiers  August 9th, at 10pm EST/9CT
Episode 5: Bill Doolin and the Oklahombres – premiers  August 16th, at 10pm EST/9CT
Episode 6: Deacon Jim Miller – The Pious Assassin - – premiers  August 23rd, at 10pm EST/9CT

   Worked on a couple art pieces this morning before going into work:

Daily Whip Out: "The Tragedy of Wyatt And Mattie"

I also found this little study in the study this morning.

 Daily Whip Out: "Deena On Prom Night"

Sometimes I need a palette cleanser so I do something completely different to shake out the cobwebs:

Daily Whip Out: "Punk Sky At Twilight"

John Langallier came in from Tucson with a new photo find. He just bought this fantastic image of the guard house as San Carlos:

San Carlos Guard House, 1888

Here's a closer look:

Close-up On San Carlos Guard House

Check out the dude in the leg irons!

"Like most pimps, Al Swearengen was from Iowa."
—The line that got Mike and Steve of Gulf Coast Mornings this morning

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