Thursday, July 09, 2015

Whores In The Rearview

July 9, 2015
   Our monsoon season is early this year with big clouds piling up every day. Finished a painting this morning, inspired by our current weather.

Daily Whip Out: "Storm Riders Series #23"

   Sadie Marcus did everything in her power to erase her Tombstone past, but the old vauqeros have a saying (see below).

Daily Whip Out: "Sadie Marcus In Tombstone—
Whore On The Line, or, Saint On The Lamb?"

"You get what you resist."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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  1. Josie was neither a saint nor a whore on the line. She was a spoiled brat, a foolish young woman, an experienced older one who took a lover or three, the common law wife of a silent, damaged man who was unfaithful but loved her in his way and finally a pathetic, lonely old lady whose dementia made her difficult and sometimes obnoxious. Who among us would like being summed up by our sex lives at 19?


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