Friday, July 10, 2015

Was Wyatt Earp A Damaged Man?

July 10, 2015
   Do words matter? Yes.

Daily Whip Out: "A Damaged Man"

   Yesterday, I posted a Daily Whip Out of Sadie Marcus Earp and I made a few snide comments about what a, ahem, difficult person she was and I got the following comment:

"Josie was neither a saint nor a whore on the line. She was a spoiled brat, a foolish young woman, an experienced older one who took a lover or three, the common law wife of a silent, damaged man who was unfaithful but loved her in his way and finally a pathetic, lonely old lady whose dementia made her difficult and sometimes obnoxious. Who among us would like being summed up by our sex lives at 19?"
—Mary Doria Russell, author of the new book "Epitaph"

This haunted me all day yesterday and this morning I whipped out the above study. Shifting gears I did a quick study of the "damaged" lad when he was in Kansas during the Red Decade:
Daily Whip Out: "Wyatt In Wichita"

   Tom Waits was asked what his greatest strength is. He replied:

That I don't know what I'm doing.
—Tom Waits


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Anybody who quotes Tom Waits earns my respect.

  2. Adela2:24 AM

    Very interesting and useful post! Everyone needs love. But there are many unfaithful people like . If you hadn't read it you didn't know anything about infidelity!)


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